Monday, 2 March 2015

Car Cake for My Son's B day / Monster Race Truck/ Cake for Birthday of my Son/ Eggless Chocolate with Coco Powder

Car Cake for My Son's B day /
Monster Race Truck/
Cake for Birthday of my Son/
Eggless Chocolate with Coco Powder
Hi Friends,
This cake in not so perfect but i tried hard to make it look like a car which turned out to be a Monster race truck. As my plan fall flat i was forced to use whatever i was having in hand. So friends i am posting this cake to fulfill my kids wish and to keep remembering my mistakes which i done while making this cake so that i wont repeat them next time. 

There was three days celebration and i was not able to get time to post anything as preparations were started weeks ago. Hope you remember my this post in which i have mentioned about three days and five birthdays. In that series i am here with two cakes which i made for my kids birthday. I was very much disappointed as my plan fall flat when my cream did not stabilized and decided to cover my cake with fruits chocolate etc. I wanted to make a car cake for my son and rosette cake for my daughter. I almost surrendered to make a car cake for my son as i was so much tired of trying to stabilize my cream. But finally i shaped my cake which looked like monster race truck, but still my son liked it very much and me not satisfied with the result become happy that at least i was able to fulfill my son's wish. Daughter was also happy but i was disappointed for being unable to make a rosette cake for her. Now lets forget the all worries and disappointments and move ahead with this Car/Monster Race Car cake. 
I am posting this cake so that you can learn from my mistakes and make a beautifully perfect cake for your loved ones. I will also try to improve my skills and soon will post a nice cake.


Wet Ingredients
Curd- 3/4 cups
Oil-1/2 cup
Sugar- 3/4 cups

Dry Ingredients 
Flour - 1.5 cups
Baking Soda - 1 tsp
Baking Powder-1 tsp
Coco powder - 2 tbsp 

Other essentials for decoration
Foil paper
sugar balls
whip cream
Oreo Biscuits

My Suggestion- I will advise you to prepare your icing/frosting one night before the occasion you want to serve the cake. So that you can make a back up plan for these kind of accidents. I tried atleast 3 creams and 3 different ways to stabilize the cream but everything failed and my whole cake turned out totally different what i plan to make. So learn from my mistake.

Gather all your ingredients
Wet Ingredients 

Dry ingredients
Flour+baking pdr+baking soda+coco pdr

Sieve dry ingredients twice

Mix wet ingredients 

Now add dry ingredients to wet ingredients 

make a smooth batter

pour it in baking pan
i used foil pan to bake this cake

baked in 35 minutes

Now take a plate and place it upside down

 take 3 foil paper sheets and place it on like this
see in the pic

Now place completely cooled cake on it 

Carve it 
I sliced its sides to give a rectangular shape and placed it on top to give car shape
 i used my cream to crumb coat and put it in fridge for 15 minutes

Then i spread it evenly as after putting it in fridge it was easy to spread it evenly 

I took Oreo biscuits and joint two biscuits with whip cream to make one single Tyre
I made 4 tyres with total 8 biscuits
I used whip cream to joint the biscuits and to fix them on cake board and kept it in fridge for 10 minutes to firm up
 as i was afraid that single biscuit will not be able to hold the cake, so i used two biscuits to make one tyre

I decorated car with sugar balls and melted jam
see my whip cream again melting :(

I know its not perfect but it was fine enough to please my son


  1. You can bake any cake to make this car cake. I chose chocolate cake as my daughter's cake was a pineapple cake so for variation i made chocolate cake.
  2. You can take a single biscuit and stick it on the sides to resemble tyres. My cake was small so i used this method to make tyers. 
  3. As i mentioned in the post that my cream fall flat and so my plan. So i used melted jam and sugar balls to decorate the cake
Hope you will like it

Monday, 9 February 2015

Peanut Jaggery Ladoo/ Moongfali aur Gud ke Ladoo/ Indian Sweets/ Winter Special

Peanut Jaggery Ladoo/
Moongfali aur Gud ke Ladoo/
Indian Sweets/
Winter Special 
Hi Friends,
If you are a sweet lover then you must be aware about sweet craving which comes any time, any day without any previous notice? I am on the same boat. I always crave for something sweet and end up gulping a bar of chocolate or may be making this or Broken wheat this way and most of the time this recipe works. 
But this time while winter are saying good bye to us i didn't wanted to miss the opportunity to make these healthiest, quickest and easiest ladoos which are great for after meal dessert or any time of the day when u crave for something healthy and sweet. It is a quick and easy recipe for bachelors too. It will take you hardly 15 minutes to make them. So guys make them and enjoy anytime of the day. 


Peanuts - 1 cup
Jeggary/Gud- 3/4 cups

Take peanuts and jeggary

dry roast peanuts 

when skin starting pealing means its roasted

now cool them completely

take them in a large plate and peel the skin

you can leave them 

grate or break jaggery 

take them in a grinder

pulse them
you can powder or make them coarse 

add jeggary/gud

pulse it and its done within seconds

take out it in a bowl

take a handful

press and roll and shape it

Scrumptious ladoos are ready to eat


  1. Instead of making powder you can grind peanuts in coarse and then add jaggery separately and mix both of them and make ladoos for crunchier version.
  2. No need to add ghee in this recipe as oil in peanuts will be enough to bind the ladoos.
  3. You can add your favorite nuts. just roast them and grind with peanuts.
Hope you will like it

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dates and Banana Whole Wheat Cake/ Khajoor aur Kele ka bana Healthy Cake

Dates and Banana Whole Wheat Cake/
Khajoor aur Kele ka bana Healthy Cake
Hi Friends,
After a long break i came back to my blogging world. I was not on vacation but due to circumstances i was not able to post anything. But believe me i was craving to do that. I planned so many times to post a recipe and every time there was something which stopped me. So now when i got this chance i planned to start with a Tea cake recipe. It is a healthy cake with mild sweetness. You can increase or decrease the sweetness bye adding sugar in it as per your wish. I enjoyed it with coffee and it tastes YUM. So without any delay to the recipe. Hope you will try it and let me know the outcome.

Whole wheat flour- one cup
Dates- 2 tbsp
Ripe Banana- 2
Sugar- 1 tbsp optional 
Olive Oil- 2 tbsp (you can use normal refined oil)
Warm milk or water- as needed to make batter

Take all your ingredients

Deseed and Chop dates roughly

put it in a grinder

grind it 

now add sugar and chopped banana

 you can add bit of water or milk for easy grinding

take this puree in a bowl

add oil

mix it

Now add flour

start mixing

incorporate gently

Tip it in a baking pan
I used a tart pan which i was using first time

i baked it for 30 minutes

beautifully baked 

I loved using tart pan instead of normal cake pan
It was so easy to remove it

Let if Cool down

make pieces




  1. You can skip sugar and enjoy mildly sweet cake for more healthier version. 
  2. I have used here olive oil. You can use normal refined oil. 
  3. If you are using dry dates then you can soak them in hot water or milk for 15-30 min and then grind them.
  4. This cake will not rise much so don't worry you can fill cake pan 80%  level.
Hope you will like it